Privacy policy 

Services and links to our website

Our website is not designed to allow our visitors to communicate with other visitors or to publish any information. Our website contains links to other websites. We wish to warn you that Le Marché d’Emma is not responsible for the privacy policies of the latter. The Privacy Statement applies only to this website. We recommend that you be careful when visiting other sites, and we encourage you to read each site’s privacy statement, especially when placing online orders.


Automatic collection of information

We combine site visit data with anonymous and specific data of individuals identified for certain purposes like:

• technical administration of the website;
• improving the ergonomics and navigation of our site;
• Customer relationship management
• marketing.

Use of the cookie

The cookie is an identifier that we create and that is stored on your computer. It is not used to safeguard personal or confidential information. These are only text-like files that remain stored in your hard drive. The personal data contained in a cookie is limited to those you have provided to us voluntarily, such as when you fill out a form on a web page or request more information about the item you wish to purchase online.

However, we use it to save information that enhances the online experience. We retain the language of use of the site and personalize it with your information, when you have logged in by entering your username and password. Using your browser, you can view cookies that have been created on your hard drive and erase them whenever you want. However, you will not be able to place orders online.



Collection and use of your personal data

We only store the personal information of our visitors who provided it voluntarily in order to use our services.



We do not disclose your personal information to our suppliers, divisions or other companies. Your personal data will not be disclosed to government institutions or authorities unless required by law.


Access to personal data

It is possible to ask us what personal information we hold about you by contacting us. We will inform you within one week. Proof of identification may be required. There is no fee to obtain this information. We reserve the right to refuse your request for access to your information. In this case, we will justify the reason for the refusal. You may modify or update your personal information by identifying yourself on our website.


Support for our Privacy Statement

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, please contact us.


Security Policy

All your personal information is transmitted to us securely using a GeoTrust Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption key.

We have put in place guidelines, rules and technical measures to ensure that your personal information:

• cannot be accessed without authorization;
• cannot be disclosed or misused;
• cannot be altered without authorization;
• cannot be destroyed or lost.


All credit card information is encrypted at the time of the transaction. Credit card numbers are not registered on our servers. All servers are secure and protected by a firewall. Physical access to these servers is limited and highly controlled. Employees who have access to your personal data or their processing are bound by a confidentiality agreement concerning your personal data.

Through these controls and procedures, we guarantee you a very secure online purchase. In fact, it is even safer to buy online on Le Marché d’Emma page than in restaurants or retail stores.